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Want to be the smartest cannabis expert ?
Here are some advanced trainings that will take your cannabis skills to the next level!

Get access to the entire Green CulturED education library so you will have access to each online course, interactive program and expert certification takes you step-by-step through specific cannabis tactics.

You can also access to our of the weekly educational newsletter and cannabis industry updates.
Here’s what you get in your All-Access Learning Pass …
  • Expert CertificationsCertifications are in-depth studies within a specific area of study, Green CulturED developed these certifications to have specific academic learning outcomes, required practical application and demonstrate competencies during your studies.

  • Faculty set clear expectations of the materials that are to be learned that provides an experience for you to have a base set of skills and practical knowledge throughout their education.

  • Our certifications will expand your knowledge, you find them useful in enhancing your career or begin to branch into the cannabis industry.

  • Advance your career with us, knowing that Green CulturED is devoted to consistently deliver you the paramount education for the cannabis industry.

Our All-Access Learning Pass includes:

Interactive Programs
Green CulturED programs provide a big picture analysis and specific application of important concepts for you to learn.

Our programs designate a thorough understanding within the context of your learning objectives, by completing our programs it will boost your credibility in the industry and provide you the knowledge for success.

All-Access Learning Pass includes:
Marijuana Pests, Fungi and Diseases
Marijuana Seeds and Seedlings
Marijuana Soil and Containers
Marijuana Vegetative Growth
Marijuana Water and Nutrients
Medical Marijuana Legalities
Phoenix Tears
Outdoor Marijuana
Marijuana Air
Marijuana Breeding
Marijuana Hash and Medicine
Marijuana Hydroponics Gardening
Cannabis Chemistry
Harvesting Marijuana
Indoor Grow Room and Greenhouse
Light, Lamps and Electricity

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